Four principles of work of a foreign partner

SKB EP instruments are effectively used in enterprises all over the world! The work of official representatives is based on four main principles:

  • To conduct a demonstration personally;
  • To give the opportunity to choose from different instruments within the same product range;
  • To carry out the supply;
  • To teach future users.

Lately an official dealer of SKB EP in Thailand organized the work with a current customer. The customer works in electro-mechanical service industry and provides variety solutions to manufacturers of high-voltage equipment and also to industrial and commercial customers. In addition, the organization offers equipment diagnostic and maintenance services for transformers, motors, generators, etc.

A demonstration of a handheld MIKO-10 micro-ohmmeter and a high-precision MIKO-21 was conducted and it was a part of the first meeting. During the presentation, the customer was able to test the functionality of both and make a choice in favor of MIKO-10, which fully met his needs:

  • portability and light weight of MIKO-10;
  • convenient operation and understandable interface;
  • different ways to fasten the instrument and possibility to free hands while measurement process;
  • working with data on a PC;
  • wide operating temperature range.

We arranged the supply and conducted training. As a part of such an event, the dealer talks about the functionality, usage practices and some features of working with the instrument during operation on real objects.

An integrated approach gives the user a choice, confidence in the instrument and knowledge on further work. If you want to test instruments in practice, get acquainted with SKB EP brand – contact by phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 or by e-mail: We will "connect" you with a partner in your country and help you choose the right measuring instrument!

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