Micromillikilloohmmeter MIKO-2.3
OLTC analyzer PKR-2
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N and microohmmeter MIKO-1
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N
Modern microohmmeter MIKO-21
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7
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    DME Energy, LLC

    In 2020 our company purchased HV circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7 produced by SKB EP (Irkutsk). The delivery of the instrument was carried out on time and in full compliance with contractual obligations. It was organized by the official sales representative in Belarus, NPP Belenergokip, LLC.

    During operation, the instrument is used to diagnose HV circuit breakers up to 6-10 kV such as VV/TEL, RiM-VV, etc. The user-friendly interface as well as the wide functionality of PKV/M7 allows you to conduct a full range of diagnostic work quickly and effectively and identify equipment malfunctions at early stages.

    We can notice the simplicity and reliability of the instrument, there are no facts of its incorrect operation, technical and software malfunctions. NPP Belenergokip, LLC specialists has been providing promptly the qualified support concerning supply and technical operation issues of above mentioned instruments.


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    Krasnoyarsk enterprise of main power transmission lines

    In 2018 Krasnoyarsk enterprise of the main power networks got a high-voltage circuit breaker analyzer.PKV/M7.

    The instrument has been defined as reliable, accurate in readings and easy-to-use during operations. We would like to stress the optimization of measurements. With a help of PKV/M7 specialists can monitor a large number of technical characteristics of HV circuit breakers. It is possible to download data to a personal computer, that simplifies and reduces the time for equipment diagnostics.

    Due to usage of PKV/M7 we were able to identify and eliminate minor malfunctions independently and without the involvement of third-party organizations. That fact definitely had a positive effect on diagnostic cost saving.

    A.A. Blazhenkov
    Deputy Director – Chief Engineer

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    Shakhtinskteploenergo, LLC

    MIKO-7M(A) was received by Shakhtinskteploenergo in April 2021. This milli-ohmmeter corresponds with the description and technical characteristics. We use the instrument to check windings of power and measuring transformers, busbars and other circuit. MIKO-7M(A) is very convenient to use, it also has a case. The settings menu is clear, the functionality is suitable. The milli-ohmmeter has user-friendly interface, automatic measurement selection, high speed and accuracy of measurements. Futhermore, test cables remain flexible even in conditions of subzero temperatures. The instrument fully meets our needs.

    With respect, A.A. Taliukin
    Acting head of electrical department

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    Vyborg electrical grids, Rosseti Lenenergo, LLC

    Responding to your letter № 27523 from 03/23/2021 with a request for feedback on the instrument, we can inform:

    1. Since 2008 our branch has been operating five high-voltage circuit breaker analyzers of PKV/M7 type and three micro-ohmmeters of MIKO-10 type.
    2. With a help of these instruments we check: HV circuit breakers of such types as VMG-133, VMG-145, Siemens LTB-145; VMP-10 etc. and the contact resistance of control modules.
      • PKV/M7 is convenient because it has position transducers which are suitable for drivers that are listed above. Also, it is easy to use PKV/M7, its display is clear and size is small. An additional advantage is that the memory of the instrument is programmed by drivers’ and HV circuit breakers’ parameters’ templates, which are in operation in our enterprise.
      • MIKO-10 is convenient due to its small size. It keeps the battery charge for a long time. It is used for measuring the contact resistance of disconnecting switches of the following types: RZD-N 0, RZD-35, RLND-35 and helps quickly control equipment defects. Moreover, it allows to analyze the increase of contact resistance.

    3. The instrument provides a complete picture of drive`s technical state and qualitatively measures parameters of its contact part.
    4. Monitoring instruments for high-voltage circuit breakers revealed a non-simultaneous commutation in three-pole circuit breakers of the VMG-10 type with a PP-67 drive, during the repair program in 2021. That is why the defect was promptly eliminated and we prevented a serious technical problem.
    5. D.A.Vorobtsov
      Acting Director of Branch

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    Company SNKA, LLC

    Our company deals with installation supervision, fettling and maintenance of SF6 high-voltage circuit breakers 35-500 kV. Our specialists have been using PKV/M7 since 2019 while realizing such types of work.

    According to the professional view of our experts, PKV/M7 instument is convenient and very reliable in operations because it allows you to record all the main characteristics of HV circuit breaker in tabular and graphical form. Local and remote triggering give an opportunity of safe work for technical staff. I would especially emphazise responsiveness and efficiency of SKB EP LLC service center. The company team helps solve all issues regarding instrument operation and repair.

    Taking into account the ease of use, reliability in operation, compact size and cost of PKV/M7, we recommend it to enterprises being engaged in fettling and operation of high-voltage equipment.

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