Micromillikilloohmmeter MIKO-2.3
OLTC analyzer PKR-2
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N and microohmmeter MIKO-1
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N
Modern microohmmeter MIKO-21
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7
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    HaloPolymer Kirovo-Chepetsk, LLC

    The enterprise "HaloPolymer Kirovo-Chepetsk", LLC purchased instruments PKV/M6N and MIKO-1 of "SKB EP", LLC manufacture in 2006 in order to analyze technical characteristics of high-voltage equipment - oil, vacuum circuit breakers (VMG-10, VMG-133, VMP-10, VMT-110, BB/TEL-6kV) and disconnecting switches of voltage up to 6, 35, 110kV. Also in 2017 MIKO-10 instruments were purchased for measuring transient resistances of contact connections and the brazing quality of current leads on electrolyzers. These instruments have proven themselves as reliable and high-quality ones during operation. The simplicity of use helps quickly train stuff to apply it during repair work that plays a great role nowadays.

    I express my gratitude to SKB EP, LLC for the quality and availability of your products and I would recommend your products for clients who need analogous instruments.

    With respect,
    chief power engineer,

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    Stolbtsy Electric Networks the branch of Minskenergo, RUE

    Our company has been operating instruments PKV/M7, MIKO-1, MIKO-2.3 manufactured by SKB EP, LLC (Irkutsk, Russia) since 2006. These devices are used by substation maintenance department in order to diagnose vacuum and oil circuit breakers of 6-10-35-220-220 kV voltage, as well as disconnectors of 35-110-220 kV voltage. Among them there are circuit breakers of the following types: MKP-110, VMT-110, VEB-110, VGT-110, U-220, VMT-220, S-35M, VT(VTD)-35, VM(VMD)-35, VK(VKE)-10, VVE-M-10, etc. The advantages of PKV/M7 are ease of operation, the ability to determine defects without circuit breaker demounting, the ability to view the data obtained from measurements and graphs of dynamic characteristics, the availability of both local and remote type of triggering, the ability to work with the instrument on almost all types of switching equipment, the required number of controlled parameters and their accuracy, compact dimensions. The instrument has a protective case, which is important when transporting and working at a substation.

    MIKO-1, MIKO-2.3 are used to measure the DC electrical resistance of contact connections of switching devices with a voltage of 6-10-35-110-220 kV. The advantages of these instruments are its low weight and compact dimensions, a robust housing, a current sufficient to carry out the necessary measurements, autonomous power supply (MIKO–1), and, what is also important, the ease of use.

    We recommend these instruments for use to all organizations in the field of power engineering.


    The Head of Substations Department

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    Uranenergo, LLP

    For 1 year MIKO-9A milli-ohmmeter is been used in the laboratory of insulation testing and over voltage protection service.

    The device is used to test the resistance of substation equipment. During the operation, device was distinguished by its simplicity in assembling the measuring circuit, reliability when taking into account operation temperature conditions, relative speed of measurements that makes it possible to reduce the time during testing. The compactness and low weight of the device simplify the operation and transportation process. The resistance measurement function is the best because of the accuracy and quick detection of results. It is also worth noting that the mode of non-demountable diagnostic of OLTC devices is very convenient for assessing the state of the switching device and significantly reduces the amount of work. Since the device has been used relatively recently, no electrical equipment malfunctions have been detected.

    Despite the short period of use, for the quality, versatility and conformity of price and quality, Uranenergo, LLP confidently recommends MIKO-9A for testing high-voltage equipment, and hopes for the appearance of new and innovative devices manufactured by SKB EP, LLC.

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    TSU Rus, LLC

    To date, one MIKO-21 device is used in the laboratory of TSU Rus, LLC.

    This device is used in field tests to check the resistance of the equipment protective grounding as a part of the process of obtaining CE marking. During the tests, MIKO-21 showed high reliability, accuracy in severe conditions of exposure to electromagnetic interference in production.

    The main advantage of this device within the framework of the carried out tasks are the ability to work from a rechargeable battery, a strong case that is durable to mechanical influences during transportation of the device, as well as the stability of the device to climatic external factors.

    The main faults detected by MIKO-21 are non-compliance of the protective grounding resistance of the equipment with the harmonized EU standards.

    The use of the above device helped to automate and speed up the testing of equipment as part of the process of obtaining CE marking.

    During the operation of the device since July 2020, there have been no serious shortcomings and malfunctions. It is possible to recommend the use of MIKO-21 micro-ohmmeter for use in electrical laboratories.

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    Voronezh City Electric Grid, JSC

    Currently, MIKO-7MA milli-ohmmeter is used in the electrotechnical laboratory of the equipment repair shop of VCEG, JSC.

    This device has been used since May 2021 for testing power transformers with a capacity of 6-10 kV 25-630 kVA. The use of this device made it possible to reduce the time spent on measuring the ohmic resistance of the transformer windings compared to previously used devices.

    The use of digital measurement indication allows you to reduce the number of errors when taking readings. Low weight, compactness and absence of fragile parts is an undoubted advantage of the device. During the short period of MIKO-7MA operation, no failures and malfunctions were detected.

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