Micromillikilloohmmeter MIKO-2.3
OLTC analyzer PKR-2
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N and microohmmeter MIKO-1
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N
Modern microohmmeter MIKO-21
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7
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    Udokan copper, LLC

    Nowadays, specialists of an electrical laboratory of Udokan copper, LLC operate the following instruments, which are manufactured by SKB EP, LLC: MIKO-9A, MIKO-21 and PKV/M7.

    These instruments have been used since 2020 when conducting a comprehensive diagnostic of power and measuring transformers, high-voltage circuit breakers and disconnectors.

    We would like to note the universality of MIKO-21, extensive functionality when measuring parameters on electrical installations of 4-220 kV: for example, measuring the contact resistance of metallic bounding equipment with an earthing system, measuring the contact resistance of a contact system of circuit breakers with a voltage class of 6-10 -35-220 kV, measuring the contact resistance of bolted joints of 4-220 kV. Speaking about a specified functionality of the instrument, advantages are revealed both in terms of the cost (instead of several instruments we use one) and in terms of labor costs reducing for carrying out work.

    While using MIKO-9A, the following advantages were found: the ability to measure contact resistances of circuit breakers contact system 6-220 kV, measure the ohmic resistance of windings of power and measuring transformers of 6-220 kV with an AUTO 3Ph mode. These advantages can significantly reduce the time for preparing and performing measurements in comparison with instruments of previous generations and produced by other manufacturers.

    The instrument PKV/M7 is a reliable device for measuring parameters of circuit breaker VEB-UETM-220 of 10-35 kV manufactured by Elmash, LLC from Yekaterinburg.

    Having gained experience in the operation of instruments manufactured by SKB EP, LLC, we can confidently recommend these products for conducting a comprehensive diagnostic of power equipment.

    A.V. Sevostyanov
    Chief power engineer

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    Currently, a milli-ohmmeter MIKO – 7M(A) is operated in the electrotechnical laboratory (ETL).

    This equipment is used for conducting a comprehensive diagnostic of electrical equipment at substations, windings of power and measuring transformers, electric motors, generators, linear compensators and other equipment with high inductance. The design of this instrument is characterized by its lightness and convenience. I would also like to note the ergonomics of interface, automatic settings and systematization of measurement results.

    When operating the instruments some mismatches were revealed between actual and nominal values of the power transformer windings divergence.

    MIKO – 7M(A) allowed us to expand the functionality of ETL.

    During the tests, the instrument showed its reliability, stability of operation, ease of use.

    Our company recommends using this equipment as a quality guarantee.

    Akhmetov D.K.
    Director of ETL TDS LTD, LLP

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    The branch Mordovian of T Plus, PJSC.

    Today the instruments of your production MIKO-10 and PKV-M5 are in operation in the electrical laboratory of Saransk CHP-2, the branch Mordovian of T Plus, PJSC.

    MIKO-10 is used to measure the resistance of current-carrying contour of high-voltage switching devices contact system of 6-110kV.The advantages of this instrument are low weight, compact size, mobility, autonomy and high applicability during diagnostic the condition of contact system, that undoubtedly gives an economic effect before carrying out repair work. Also a verification interval of 2 years is a big plus. There were no drawbacks in the operation of MIKO-10.

    PKV-M5 is used for measuring speed and time characteristics, measuring travel of moving parts, contact penetration when switched on, the simultaneity of closing and opening contacts of high-voltage circuit breakers of 6-110kV. The advantages of this instrument are:

    • automation of output and storage of measurement results for further analysis of the circuit breaker state;
    • high applicability for adjustment during repair and diagnostic to determine the need for repair of the circuit breaker.

    During the operation of these instruments for their intended purpose, there were no complaints about their failure.

    Basing on the existing experience in the operation of MIKO-10 and PKV-M5, we recommend these instruments and their next modifications for use, for preventive and diagnostic measurements of energy facilities electrical equipment parameters.

    Technical Director – chief engineer of Saransk CHP-2

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    Minsk republican unitary enterprise of electric power engineering Minskenergo, the branch Stolbtsov electric networks

    Our company has been operating SKB EP, LLC (Irkutsk) instruments since 2006: PKV/M7, MIKO-1, MIKO-2.3. These instruments are used by specialists from electrical substation service department to analyze vacuum and oil HV circuit breakers at a voltage of 6-10-35-110-220 kV, as well as to analyze disconnecting switches of 35-110-220 kV. There are HV circuit breakers of the following types among them: MKP-110, VMT-110, VEB-110, VGT-110, U-220, VMT-220, S-35M, VT (VTD)-35, VM (VMD)-35, VK (VKE)-10, VVE-M-10, etc. The advantages of PKV/M7 are the ease of operation, the ability to determine defects without disassembling a HV circuit breaker, the ability to view the data from the gained measurements and graphs of dynamic characteristics, the choice between local and remote type of triggering, the ability to use it on almost all types of switching equipment, the great number of controlled parameters and their accuracy and the compactness. The instrument is put in a protected case, that is important when transporting and working at the electric power substation. MIKO-1 and MIKO-2.3 are used to measure the transient resistance of switching devices contact joints with a voltage of 6-10-35-110-220kV. The advantages of the instruments are: a low weight, size and compactness, a durable housing, the sufficient current for conducting necessary measurements, the autonomous power supply (MIKO-1) and the ease of use that much important.

    We recommend these devices to all energy organizations and enterprises.

    V.V. Rublevsky

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    Stavropolenergo, the branch of Rosseti Nothern Caucasus, PJSC

    PKR-2M for OLTC diagnostic of power transformers that is manufactured by SKB EP, LLC has been operating in the "Stavropolenergo" the branch of Rosseti Nothern Caucasus, PJSC since December 2018.

    The instrument was purchased to check the technical condition all types of OLTC devices (both resistor and reactor) and to analyze OLTC devices with current-limit resistors without removing the contactor tank cover.

    During the operation of PKR-2M, it was concluded:

    • The main advantage is the possibility of simultaneous obtaining circular diagram and oscillography using a button which is located in the motor drive cubicle of OLTC (local control).

    • The presence of a built-in battery that increases its mobility.
    • Due to the user-friendly interface, it is possible to evaluate measurement results directly on the working place.
    • It saves more time for diagnostic of electrical equipment in comparison with the previous measurement methods. The accuracy of determining defects also increases.

    With the help of the instrument, malfunctions and the wear of arc-extinguishing OLTC contacts were detected as well as time parameters of power transformer contactor deviation.

    Taking above mentioned facts into consideration, PKR-2M produced by SKB, LLC can be recommended for mass use.

    A.G. Glushko
    Acting First Deputy Director – Chief Engineer

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