Micromillikilloohmmeter MIKO-2.3
OLTC analyzer PKR-2
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N and microohmmeter MIKO-1
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N
Modern microohmmeter MIKO-21
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7
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    Hevel Kazakhstan, LLP

    The main advantages of the MIKO-9 instrument in comparison with the traditional ohmic resistance measurements method by the voltmeter-ammeter method are the ease of use and the absence of errors when assembling the measuring circuit. Low weight, compactness, the absence of movable and fragile parts in the instrument simplifies the requirements for transportation by transport or manually on the solar power plant.

    MIKO-21 is multifunctional and easy to use, has a convenient menu. I liked a wide range of manually set values of the measuring current and the ability to transfer the measurement results to a computer. I would also like to mention the color touch screen, the nominal values archive of the controlled equipment, autonomous power supply and dimensions.The instrument worked well during operation, there were no failures. The instruments did well while working on different types of SPP power equipment (from 0.8 kV and 20 kV.

    Fursaev A.A.

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    DMZ, LLC

    MIKO-10 instrument has been operated for several years in the laboratory of DMZ, LLC. Basically, the instrument is used by us on products of our manufacture (copper busbar, rod) in orderto exclude the manufacture of law-quality products. I would especially emphasize simplicity and convenience of instrument usage. Digital measurement characteristics exclude a possible error when recording. Light weight and compactness allow you to quickly replace the instrument to any necessary location.

    Head of plant central laboratoty

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    Chusovoy Steel Works, JSC

    Electrical measurement laboratory of the electric-power workshop of the Industrial enterprise OMK CSW, has been using this instrument for two years. The instrument is small, has proven to be stable, and with good performance, as well as the accuracy of measured indications. The battery charge lasts for three working weeks. Complect set included factory cables with crocodiles with good pressure on the push. The instrument can be placed on the arm and secured with straps, which facilitates the work during the production of measurements by one specialist. The instrument undergoes annual certification in the Perm Federal Budgetary Institution of the Center for Standardization and Metrology. The company likes the instrument.

    Provkov K.V.

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    Engineering center Eurosibenegro, LLC

    During the use of ZU-2A charger when working on Taishet grid in the period from 17.11.2022 to 26.11.2022 a significant advantage over the standard complete set was revealed in terms of measurements duration without recharging. The operating time with MIKO-2.3 instrument amounted 8 hours without recharging. We also would like to note quick charging time. One of the disadvantages is a short connector cable of ZU-2A charger to MIKO-2.3. It would be much more convenient, if a connection plug was at a right angle. In this case, a cable break near the plug would be excluded.

    [Manufacturer note]: At the end of 2023, a special ZU-2A charger for MIKO-2.3 was realized. It acts as a power bank to maintain the charge of an instrument built-in battery. The recommendation to extend a connector cable was taken into account and improved.

    S.V. Gromyshev
    Deputy Head of the Electrotechnical Laboratory

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    • Universal HV circuit breaker analyzer PKV/U3.1

    The branch of FGC UES, PJSC Novgorod PMES

    In response to a request No 30112 dated 09.06.21, I inform you that a circuit breaker analyzer PKV/U3.1 (serial number 14) is operated in the branch of FGC UES, PJSC Novgorod PMES.

    During the time of usage I point out a positive instrument operation and the ease of use while diagnosing circuit breakers of types: U-110, VMT-110, VV-330B There is no "20-channel pole cable" of the required length in the standard complete instrument set for VV-330B diagnostic.

    PKV/U3.1 instrument copes well with measuring speed and time circuit breaker actuation, carrying out simultaneous taking characteristics in three phases. A wide range of attachment devices helps to install transducers on different circuit breakers.

    The commissioning work time significantly reduces due to ability to make measurements (triggering) of a circuit breaker and obtaining results in specialized software, which allows you to analyze, predict and eliminate various defects directly from the place of work.

    We recommend this instrument to companies operating high-voltage circuit breakers, as well as electric laboratories diagnosing circuit breakers.

    [Manufacturer note]:For connection to the contacts of air-blast high-voltage circuit breakers a 20-channel pole cable ( with a length 1.2m is supplied in a standard complete set. If you need a cable of a different length, please contact us, we will make it to order.

    Acting First Deputy General Director

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