Micromillikilloohmmeter MIKO-2.3
OLTC analyzer PKR-2
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N and microohmmeter MIKO-1
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N
Modern microohmmeter MIKO-21
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7
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    Our electrical equipment commissioning team has been operating MIKO-21 micro-ohmmeters in the amount of 3 pieces since 2020. These instruments are used to measure resistance of automatic circuit breakers contact connections the contact resistance of bolted connections and welded joints.

    The instrument MIKO-21 has a small weight and is assembled in a convenient, durable case. The instrument menu is simple and user-friendly. When operating 200 A Kelvin double hand spike test cables and 200 A Kelvin С-clamp test cables has been additionally purchased, which expanded the possibilities for instrument connection.

    The instrument MIKO-21 has shown itself advantage and can be recommended to organizations to perform tests, measurements, commissioning and repair of electrical equipment.

    Tishkov I.V.
    Chief engineer for electrical equipment commissioning

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    PremierStroyDesign, JSC

    The instrument MIKO-9A is operated at the moment in the electrical measurement laboratory of PremierStroyDesign, JSC.

    The full package of documents included in the instrument standard complete set allowed us to master the instrument functionality without problems. It is also worth mentioning that we contacted the company SKB EP, LLC when had faced the instrument activation and specialists immediately got in touch and solved all issues. We express a special gratitude for that.

    During the operation of MIKO-9A instrument since November 2020, no serious drawbacks and low-quality components were identified, which would make impossible the use of the instrument or would prevent any works.

    The main advantages of MIKO-9A instrument are compact size, the ease of transportation. For field work it is the quickness of equipment deployment (workplace). An important thing is the ease of control of the instrument and the digital indication of measurement result. The instrument is equipped with a built-in battery, which allows us to make measurements even in field conditions.

    The operation of MIKO-9A has significantly reduced the time for diagnostic of the following equipment: power transformers 10/0.4 kV 35/10 kV, power equipment of substations 10/0.4 kV 35/10 kV, busbar bridges 0.4 kV 10kV 35 kV, electric motors of all capacities and many other equipment, as the range of instrument functions is large.

    PremierStroyDesign, JSC thanks SKB EP, LLC for the manufacture of high-quality instruments and for the interest shown in the operation of its products. We hope for new developments and equipment which will interest the specialists of electrical measurement laboratory.

    Head of the electrical measurement laboratory

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    • Universal HV circuit breaker analyzer PKV/U3.1

    PJSC "Second Generating Company of the Electric Power Wholesale Market"

    Currently, a high-voltage circuit breaker analyzer PKV/U3.1 is operated in the electrical laboratory of an electric shop in the branch of OGK-2, PJSC Serovskaya GRES.

    This instrument has been used since 2014 for high-voltage circuit breaker diagnostic, in particular: VVN-220 air-blast circuit breakers, VGT-110 SF6 circuit breakers, SION 3AE 1185-1 vacuum circuit breakers. The instrument has proved its reliability and multifunctionality during operation as it is able to assess the state of high-voltage circuit breakers of all types and has lots of various adapters and devices for diagnostic.

    When diagnosing VVN-220 circuit breaker with PKV/U3.1 there were found mismatches in nominal values of the time characteristics in circuit breakers actuation.

    PKV/U3.1 instrument helped to reduce time for diagnostic of high-voltage circuit breakaers, because it is possible to see the measured values in digital values as well as in a view of oscillogram immediately after the measurement.

    According to the results of the instrument operation for more than 7 years, this instrument is recommended for diagnostic of high-voltage circuit breakers.

    Technical Director – Chief Engineer

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    Zavod im. S.M. Kirova, JSC

    The instrument MIKO-10 has been in operation in the electrotechnical laboratory of Zavod im. S.M. Kirova, JSC since 2017.

    We use this instrument for contact resistances measurements of high-voltage and low-voltage equipment at our enterprise.

    During the operation, the MIKO-10 has proven its reliability, ease of use, accuracy and quickness of measurements.

    The main advantage of the instrument is its functional ability to archive measurement data made, which significantly reduces the time of regulated work when measuring contact resistances of various equipment.

    There has been no serious disadvantages and minuses in the instrument and its functionality.

    From the moment we used the instrument, ETL specialists diagnosed dozens of malfunctions in the electrical equipment earthing systems, that was a dangerous factor regarding electrical safety. In particular, different defects of the equipment produced by our company were revealed at an early assembly stage.

    Based on the above mentioned and with great confidence, we can recommend instruments of SKB EP to various enterprises.

    Chief Engineer

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    EnergoSK, LLC

    The company EnergoSK, LLC, the department of the electrotechnical laboratory, currently performs tests and measurements at the Amur TPP.

    The applied instruments of your production: MIKO-1 micro-ohmmeter, MIKO-8 milli-ohmmeter.

    We have been using these instruments since 2011, there are no complaints.

    MIKO-1 is used for measuring the contact resistances of high-voltage circuit breakers, busbars, etc. The instrument works reliably, quickly with high measurement accuracy.

    MIKO-8 is used in measuring the resistances of windings in power transformers, current and voltage transformers, electric motors, generator stators and rotors. The instrument operates at a high measurement speed that greatly saves measurement time.

    The instruments have been just tested for all the years of operation. There have been no breakdowns.

    I recommend you using these instruments, as I have been used them myself for many years!

    Kim A.A.
    The chief ETL specialist

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