Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7
Modern microohmmeter MIKO-21
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N and microohmmeter MIKO-1
OLTC analyzer PKR-2
Micromillikilloohmmeter MIKO-2.3
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    Brestenergo, RUE

    This instrument is used to measure electrical resistance to direct current of traction transformers of a railway rolling stock, high-voltage circuit breakers and disconnectors, electric motors of all capacities, any switching devices.

    The use of MIKO-2.3 instrument has given the greatest reduction in time when measuring and increased the accuracy of obtained data. The digital display of the measurement result allows you to record test data more precisely. Low weight, small size, absence of movable and fragile parts in the instrument simplifies its use.

    A.L. Pavlyukovich
    Head of the laboratory

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    Spectrum, LLC

    MIKO-7M instrument is in operation in the electrotechnical laboratory of Spectrum LLC.

    This instrument is used when measuring the DC resistance of windings (transformers, arc-extinguishing reactors), the esistances of circuit breakers both newly installed and for diagnostic purposes after emergency situations.

    During operation the instrument proved to be excellent. It has an intuitive interface, high-quality clamps and quick measurement. The robust housing allows you to count on a long life of the instrument.

    The use of MIKO-7M made it possible to abandon the measurement using a DC direct current, which has simplified the measurement procedure and has reduced the time to receive data.

    Using the example of MIKO-7M operation, we can conclude about the high quality of the instruments of SKB EP, LLC and recommend them for use.

    A.I. Kotenev
    Head of the Electrotechnical Laborarory

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    Gas Processing Company, TOO

    At this time, at our enterprise, specialists use the micromilliocilo-ohmmeter MIKO-2.3 instrument for your products, check power transformers 6/0.4 kV, switching devices 6 kV, 0.4 kV and explosion-proof electric motors 0.4 kV.

    The use of MIKO-2.3 instrument simplifies and greatly speeds up the process of checking electrical equipment, unlike other analogues of the instrument.

    During the year of operation, the instrument revealed numerous defects in electrical equipment, such as heating of the contacts of the switching device, damage to the windings of intrinsically safe electric motors, etc.

    After operation of MIKO-2.3 we confidently recommend to use it. TOO "Gas Processing Company" expresses its gratitude to SKB EP for the quality instrument and wishes you success in your activities!

    B.S. Saktaganov
    Director TOO «Gas Processing Company»

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    Minudobreniya, JSC

    Last month at least in 7 VMPE-10 out of 15 circuit breakers which were serviced according to the operations management plan, contacts with deviation of parameters from the norm were detected. The detection of these defects at an early stage allowed orginize preventive maintanance and, as a result, to prevent an emergency failure of high-voltage substation equipment.

    The instrument is quite convenient in operation. The following advantages can be emphazised: samll size, portability, reliability, ease of use and high measurement accuracy. The presence of a built-in battery allows you to operate the instrument for a long time without mains power.

    S.I. Bogunov
    Chief Engineer

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    MAEK Kazatomprom, LLP

    The small instrument MIKO-2,3 is convenient for measurements due to its light weight and dimensions, especially when working on circuit breakers U-110 and MKP-110. When placing the instrument directly on bushings of the circuit breaker, one person is involved in this process. Reliable wire fasteners are attached to circuit breaker bushings. High measurement accuracy, the use of two different power supply systems of the instrument (mains and battery) expand the use of the device.

    PKV/M7 has shown itself as a reliable, affordable and fairly accurate instrument.

    The use of PKV/M7 instrument halves the time for taking parameters of a circuit breaker, because all measurements are performed in one cycle, which allows you to quickly assess the equipment technical condition.

    Chief Engineer

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