Micromillikilloohmmeter MIKO-2.3
OLTC analyzer PKR-2
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N and microohmmeter MIKO-1
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N
Modern microohmmeter MIKO-21
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7
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    Nakhodka Water Service Company, MUE

    MIKO-1 microohmmeter has been in operation at the Nakhodka Water Service Company, MUE since 2010. It is used for resistance measurement of the switching equipment (oil, vacuum circuit breakers, busbar and cable connections).

    The device is quite convenient and easy to use. Small dimensions, autonomous power supply and simplicity of its operation are only one of the advantages of MIKO-1, plus the device makes fairly accurate measurements. Mainly it is used for troubleshooting and post repair works on busbars, cable connections, oil and vacuum circuit breakers, and other switching equipment.

    A lot of times MIKO-1 helped us to prevent emergency situations.

    We would like to recommend this device for troubleshooting, repairing, and configuring of the switching equipment.

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    Electrovypryamitel, PJSC

    Small-sized wrist micro-ohmmeter MIKO-10 manufactured by SKB EP, LLC was purchased by the Testing Center in July 2019, in order to replace E6-18 milliohmmeter, that no longer meet the required accuracy characteristics or test conditions.

    MIKO-10 have been used during standard, periodic, certification tests of products manufactured by Elektrovypryamitel, PJSC, for:

    • the electrical resistance grounding measurement of current-carrying parts accessible to touch;
    • measurement of electrical resistance to direct current.

    During the operation the following positive aspects were revealed:

    • the device is compact, lightweight and has several ways of fixing and while operating hands remain free, that is necessary for measurements record;
    • the device is simple-to-operate, also it is possible to save the results to a computer;
    • the device is listed in the State Register of the Russian Federation;
    • good operation independence.

    There is one disadvantage revealed. During operation, the device switches off automatically. We have to turn it on with the power button, while the charge level is normal, and can’t cause device’s shutdown.

    [Manufacturer note]: The specialists of our Service Center considered your problem and prepared recommendations: charge the device within 3-4 hours, empty the archive, take 10-20 measurements with SINGLE mode and then take 10-20 measurements in AUTO mode. If you have additional questions about MIKO-10 operation, you can always contact us. We recommend you to send your MIKO-10 device to our Service Center.

    A.I. Kraynov
    Head of the Testing Centre of Elektrovypryamitel, PJSC

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    The branch of Rosseti Tymen, JSC - Nizhnevartovsk Electrical Networks

    We have been using the devices MIKO-2.3 (2 pcs.), PKV/M7 (1 pc.) and MIKO-1 (1 pc.) in the Vakhsky district of Nizhnevartovsk electrical networks.

    We have been working with your devices for more than 10 years on the following types of high-voltage switches: VGB-35 (6-110kV), S-35 (with the drives SHPE-12 and PP-67), VMT-110, VGT-110, transformers TM (6-10 kV), TMG (6-10kV), and various types of disconnectors with the voltage 6-220 kV.

    All the devices are quite convenient to use.

    With the help of your devices, we have detected a lot of equipment malfunctions.

    The accuracy of the results compared to similar devices of other manufacturers is at a high level. I can sincerely recommend your devices to other organizations.

    T. N. Ratnikov
    Chief Foreman of the Vakhsky District of Nizhnevartovsk electrical networks

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    Kursk NPP the branch of Rosenergoatom Concern, JSC

    At the present time in high-voltage test, measurements and diagnostic laboratory of the Kursk NPP electrical department there are two MIKO-2.3 devices in operation.

    A complete package of documents, that was included in the complete set of devices, made it possible to register them with our metrology center without any problems.

    During almost daily operation since January 2019, MIKO-2.3 didn’t have serious shortcomings and low-quality that could make the use of devices impossible have not been identified.

    The main advantages of the MIKO-2.3 devices are the ease of use and the absence of errors in assembling the measuring circuit to compare with the traditional method of measuring ohmic resistance by the voltmeter-ammeter method. Digital indication of the measurement result eliminates the subjective factor when the operator senses the readings from the pointer indicator and the errors when calculating the result. Low weight, compactability, absence of moving and fragile details in the device simplifies the requirements for transportation on the territory of the outdoor switchgear and manual movement along the main building of the NPP.

    During the working process with the devices on different types of NPP power equipment (from 0.4 kV and 6 kV switchgear equipment, 400 kVA power transformers, electric motors of all capacities to 630 000 kVA transformers, and 330 kV and 750 kV outdoor switchgear power equipment), the staff of our laboratory had several suggestions for improvement characteristics of MIKO-2.3.

    Kursk NPP would like to thank SKB EP for the manufacture of high-quality devices and for the interest in the experience of its operating. We also look forward to the new developments that will be interesting to the specialists of electrical laboratories of various enterprises.

    U.U. Bogomazov
    Head of the laboratory for high-voltage tests, measurements and diagnostics

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    Kanskaya CHPP, JSC

    The electrotechnical laboratory of Kanskaya CHPP, JSC has used the following devices of SKB EP, LLC in operation: MIKO-1 (since 2009); PKV/M7 and PUV-regulator (since 2016).

    These devices are used to measure and diagnose oil circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers; load-break switches; measurement of transient resistances of contact connections of disconnectors, busbars.

    MIKO-1 microohmmeter has optimal overall dimensions, easy and convenient to use. This device is equipped with a built-in battery, which makes it easier to use it even on the high objects. The disadvantage of this device is the inability to work while charging and the inability to connect power bank when working in the field. 

    [Manufacturer note]: MIKO-1 was developed more than 20 years ago, when the ability to connect to a power bank, as well as the ability to work when charging from mains, weren’t so widespread and necessary. These disadvantages are eliminated for our more modern microohmmeters MIKO-10 and MIKO-21. At the same time, we also would like to note that the built-in battery is safer from the point of view of the device's safety than the external one, and makes it possible to conduct diagnostics and measurements even when the device can’t be connected to the network. If your MIKO-1 runs out of power quickly, we recommend you to replace the battery in the device by yourself (we can send you instructions).

    We also equipped the crocodile-type measuring clamps with measuring forks, which allows to take measurements faster.

    [Manufacturer note]: As regards the additional supply of the measuring terminals with measuring plugs by yourself, we would like to note that it may affect the condition of the cables and the accuracy of the measurement results. In the additional configuration of MIKO-1 (you can learn more about them in the section Complete set) there are measuring cables with with spring loaded needle-type contacts (art. SKB018.13.00.000 and SKB018.17.00.000), which can be used for measuring transient resistances in hard-to-reach areas of any objects with painted or dirty surfaces.

    The devices PKV/M7, PUV-regulator also proved its great quality. They are convenient and easy to use, and what is more, they have high measurement accuracy. The devices allow you to measure a number of important parameters in one cycle (time diversity, compression, speed, etc.), which significantly cuts the processing time and assessment of the technical condition of the switch. The complete set of the device is sufficient for carrying out work on the equipment operated by us.

    The devices of SKB EP LLC have proven themselves positively in terms of operation, accuracy and speed of measurements. Their use can significantly save time for diagnostics of electrical equipment and improve the quality of service.

    We express our gratitude to SKB EP LLC for high-quality and reliable products and recommend these devices to organizations engaged in the repair and operation of equipment.

    V. N. Vladimirov

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