Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7
Modern microohmmeter MIKO-21
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N and microohmmeter MIKO-1
OLTC analyzer PKR-2
Micromillikilloohmmeter MIKO-2.3
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    Belaruskali, JSC

    PKV/M7 instrument allows you to take a variety of parameters (speed, time) of circuit breakers and detect defects of equipment without disassembly, to plot graphs based on the parameters. These are the pluses of this instrument.

    The instrument operation requires care and accuracy while making measurement methods at the early stage. The skills of systematization of measurements appear and the speed of testing increases after regular use.

    The measurement method is simple and clear. A good function of the instrument is the ability to plot graphs of circuit breaker closing and generating data on a personal computer.

    The following defects were identified when testing 6kV oil-blast circuit breakers: incorrect operation of a circuit breaker buffer, non-simultaneous closing of phases, wear of insulating rods.

    I. A. Podlesny
    Chief Engineer

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    Severstal, PJSC

    Severstal, PJSC has been successfully using 2 PKV/M7 high-voltage circuit breaker analyzers in its professional activities since 2011 (the second instrument since 2018).

    The advantages of the instrument are simplicity and convenience in operation, small weight and dimensions, the ability to carry out a complex switching cycle, save the template of a circuit breaker, as well as the ability to transfer data to Flash-memory.

    During operation, the instruments has shown themselves to advantage, there were no problems and malfunctions.

    SKB EP instruments are recommended for use by organizations operating high-voltage equipment.

    Dmitriev R.A.
    Chief Electrician

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    SIC Association

    This instrument is used to check contact joints according to GOST 10434 and GOST 17441, as well as for measuring the grounding resistance of metal parts of the NKU RU (low-voltage switchgears according to GOST R 51321.1).

    Due to the low weight, compact size and presentation of measurement results in digital form and also the availability of test wires set for various purposes, it is very convenient to use the instrument. In our test laboratory (IL) the "Single-10A" mode (in accordance with the requirements of GOST-s) is used frequently during operation.

    MIKO-10 micro-ohmmeter can be recommended for purchase by all organizations conducting acceptance tests, qualifying, periodic or certification tests of NKU RU or other types of electrotechnical products.

    Brener I.A.
    Expert of SIC Association

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    N Resurs, LLC

    The electrotechnical laboratory DZO N-Resurs, LLC, purchased MIKO-7MA instrument in order to conduct electrical equipment diagnostics (power and matching transformers, high-voltage electric motors) owned by the parent company Uralkali, PJSC.

    The instrument has shown itself to advantage during operation. When working with MIKO-7MA instrument, the measurement time is significantly reduced. There are other advantages: low weight, compact size, high measurement accuracy, autonomy (battery availability), that is especially important when working at facilities where there are no power supply sources.

    MIKO-7MA instrument can be recommended as a convenient and modern device for diagnostics at energy facilities.

    Shvarev M.V.
    Operational director

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    New Technologies, LLC

    The accuracy of measuring this parameter is very important in the production of electric motors, and it is regulated with Technical conditions.

    The instrument has been in operation for five months. The first impressions, the first results of the instrument operation are very good. The instrument is autonomous, mobile, does not depend on 220 V network. The battery charge lasts for a long time. Connecting wires has sufficient length, 10 A Kelvin clamp test cable terminals are quite durable. Generally, we are satisfied with the purchase.

    Gabdrafikov R.A.
    Chief of the testing lab

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