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SKB EP new developments at the international forum ELECTRIC NETWORKS OF RUSSIA 2018

Different aspects of industry's transformation were discussed at the international forum ELECTRIC NETWORKS of Russia 2018. For instance, technological innovation, staff development, cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises, international cooperation and a lot of other topics. A traditional exhibition platform was also realized during the forum to demonstrate new developments and technological innovation of the electric power industry.

ELECTRIC NETWORKS of Russia is an annual event, and this year its status has become much higher. In just 4 days, more than 15 000 participants took part at the exhibition.

A lot of the leading companies of the electric power industry became the exhibitors. For example: high-tech equipment manufacturers, integrated control systems developers, innovative and start-up companies, scientific community representatives, and government authorities. This year a new record was set: 402 exhibitors from 27 countries represented their companies at the exhibition.

Participation at the ELECTRIC NETWORKS of Russia is traditional for SKB EP, and 2018 was no exception. Representatives of more than 80 companies visited SKB EP booth. Among the visitors were well-known circuit breaker and transformer manufacturers, companies occupied with equipment installation and calibration, companies involved in substation design and construction, as well as various divisions of electrical networks: Rosseti, PJSC; FGC UES, PJSC; MOESK, PJSC and others.

At SKB EP booth were represented some instruments, that have already managed to win the loyalty of the customers, and several completely new developments and prototypes, that are going to be soon included to the list of instrumentation and control instruments.

Among well-known instruments were represented:

In addition our specialists represented several new SKB EP developments at the exhibition. For example:

  • MIKO-9, MIKO-8M and MIKO-7M a new batch of improved multipurpose milliohmmeters;
  • The prototype of PKV/M17, analyzer for complex test of high-voltage circuit breakers of all types by Soviet, Russian or foreign production (Siemens, Areva, ABB, Alstom, etc.);
  • Manipulating rod which is designed to ensure convenient connection to contacts of a high-voltage objects. Test cables are connected to the measurement platform from the ground.

For several days, booth guests could test the functionality of SKB EP instruments, get an individual and detailed advice about each instrument, and also find out more about new developments.

A lot of positive reviews and recommendations were received according to the exhibition results. We are grateful to the participants of the ELECTRIC NETWORKS of Russia 2018 for your trust and for SKB EP instruments selection. We shall be pleased to cooperate with you in the new year!

If you didn't have an opportunity to visit the company's booth, you can contact us by phone +7 (812) 500-25-48, via feedback form, or via e-mail: and ask all the questions about the instruments you are interested in.

Moreover, we would like to invite you to SKB EP practical trainings. Our specialists would be glad to help you to choose a program appropriate for your purposes and requirements. You can leave a request on the company's website, and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

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