High precision micro-ohmmeter MIKO-21

MIKO-21 enables transient resistance measurement of electric circuits in the range from 0.1 µΩ to 2 Ω with an accuracy of ±0.05%:

  • in high-voltage circuit breaker contacts, 
  • in disconnecting switches, separators, and short-circuiters, 
  • in packaged switchgears, in contact couplings, 
  • in contactors, busbar relays and joints, 
  • in bolted connections, braze joints, weld seams in outdoor and indoor switchgears up to 750 kV in conditions of intense and highly complex electromagnetic environments. 

MIKO-21 is ahead of similar devices represented on the market due to a number of functional and technical features. For example, special measuring technologies ensure MIKO-21 compliance with the most stringent accuracy requirements. MIKO-21 is ideally applicable for high-precision resistance tests in the µΩ range.

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