Milli-ohmmeter MIKO-8M(A) with DRM mode review

Milli-ohmmeter MIKO-8M(A) is designed to measure DC resistance in inductive and non-inductive circuits in the range of 1 μΩ - 10 kΩ at a current of 10A.

MIKO-8M(A) is equipped with a non-demountable estimation of OLTCs mode, which allows assessing the condition of the switching OLTC equipment with current-limiting resistors without removing the cover of the contactor tank (DRM method).

MIKO-8M(A) is presented in two modifications: without a built-in battery (MIKO-8M) and with a built-in battery (MIKO-8MA).

More information can be found in the review and on website of manufacturer SKB EP, LLC:

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