Practical trainings in the Republic of Buryatia, Russia

In the beginning of August, 2019 SKB EP specialists visited the Republic of Buryatia, Russia to carry out several tests on high-voltage equipment. To carry out these measurements our specialists used MIKO-9(A) milliohmmeter, MIKO-21 and MIKO-10 microohmmeters, PKR-2M OLTC analyzer and PKV/M7 HV circuit breaker analyzer.

Our specialists measured resistance of the three-phase three-winding voltage transformer 10 000 110/35/10 with MIKO-9(A) milliohmmeter. During the measurement process they found a circuit break on the A phase. That statement was confirmed with the usage of PKR-2M OLTC analyzer.

Later, on the territory of the thermal power station SKB EP specialists explained how to work with PKV/M7 on the generator high-voltage circuit breaker MGG 6 kV. Experts measured circuit breaker contacts response time and also took time and travel characteristics of the contacts on B phase. Our specialists represented how to measure transient contact resistance of the contacts at all phases using the MIKO-21 microohmmeter.

Seminar participants noted practical convenience and functionality of SKB EP instruments. This approval is confirmed by further cooperation and equipping electrical teams with the modern diagnostics instruments.

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