The results of the practical training for the team of Main Electric Networks of the South the branch of FGC UES, PJSC

SKB EP engineers visited Stavropol Region of Russia to hold the practical training for the employees of Main Electric Networks of the South the branch of FGC UES, PJSC at the Nevinnomyssk substation.

The branch employees already have some instruments manufactured by SKB EP: PKV/U3.1 circuit breaker analyzers and MIKO-1 micro-ohmmeters.

PKV/U3.1 is a multi-purpose device that allows to control speed, time and travel parameters of high-voltage circuit breakers of all types and for all voltage classes – from 6kV to 500 kV up to 20 breaks.

The industrial MIKO-1 micro-ohmmeter is designed to measure the electrical resistance in non-inductive circuits in the range 1 µΩ ÷ 0,02 Ω with test current up to 50А.

The first part of the training was dedicated to the presentation of all SKB EP devices. During this presentation SKB EP technical specialist described the functionality of the devices. Training participants expressed their interest towards МIKO-21, micro-ohmmeter, as for a long time they have been planning on getting this instrument. With the help of MIKO-21 a demonstrational resistance measurement was carried out on a 500 kV busbar cable connector.

МIKO-21 is a high-precision micro-ohmmeter with an accuracy of ±0.05%. It allows to perform measurements in non-inductive circuits with test current up to 200A. This device has special modes for measuring the contact resistance of HV circuit breakers with in-built current transformers (CT) that allow you to take measurements without complementary errors.

Unfortunately, the practical part of training was cancelled according to the weather conditions at the facility. The circuit breaker that was planned to be used in training purposes was switched on because of the withdrawal of another circuit breaker.

However, the solution was found and we made it possible to show all the functionality of PKV/U3.1 circuit breaker analyzer. SKB EP specialists imitated a circuit breaker work with the help of contactors.

The training turned out to be full of activities. There were a lot of questions, the participants were initiative, and the feedback was positive. These aspects prove that practical trainings are a great opportunity to be introduced to the SKB EP devices.

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