Practical training for INRTU students on VGT-110 HV circuit breaker

SKB EP is developing in many directions. The company always collaborates with universities to support the practical educational process of young specialists.

We have been cooperating with INRTU for a long time. Recently two lab works have been prepared for SF6 high-voltage circuit breaker VGT-110 diagnostics with the use of SKB EP devices. The training program was developed for students of the Department Electric Power Stations Networks and Systems of the university.

The first work is aimed to control the main normalized time, travel and speed parameters the bject using PKV/M7 and PUV-regulator. The second work was dedicated to the features of measuring DC electrical with MIKO-21 micro-ohmmeter.

PKV/M7 is the flagship flagship among HV circuit breaker analyzers. It is designed to monitor the technical condition of high-voltage switches up to 4 breaks. It is the most optimal and adaptive device of the PKV group. Using PUV-regulator during work with PKV/M7 allows testing at lower voltage and determines the minimum voltage value.

MIKO-21 high-precision micro-ohmmeter is designed to measure DC electrical resistance to direct current in the range from 0.1 μΩ to 2 Ω with the accuracy of ± 0.05% at a current up to 200 A.

Almost 60 young specialists took part in the on-site lab work and actively asked questions. Now the students will divide into groups and do a research based on the results that have been measured.

SKB EP specialists actively cooperate with universities in order to contribute to the training of electrical industry future specialists. If you are a university representative and also interested in this cooperation format, you may contact us via phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 or via e-mail:

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