Development of a new attachment device for the rheostat transducer DP32

SKB EP specialists have successfully tested a new attachment device for DP32 rheostat transducer installation on vacuum circuit breakers manufactured by Electroshield Samara, JSC (modern name VVU-SESCH 10kv).

The transducer DP32 has two modifications (DP32.1 and DP32.2) and is recommended for the set of instruments for monitoring high-voltage circuit breakers PKV/M7 and PKV/U3.

DP32 is used to check the travel and speed parameters of moving contacts. The transducer’s measurement design takes into account the small travel parameters of the moving parts of the vacuum circuit breaker, which allows accurate measurement of linear movements in the range up to 25 mm. The measurement result is shown as the resistance increment values. To convert the resulting increment into millimeteres, the measurement result should be multiplied by the conversion factor, which is specified in the DP32 transducer documentation.

Like any measurement transducer for installation on an object, it requires special attachment devices, since the design of high-voltage circuit breakers can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer, type and class of voltage.

The new special attachment device for the rheostat transducer DP32 installation takes into account all the design features of the VVU-SESCH 10 kV vacuum circuit breaker manufactured by Electroshield Samara. This makes it possible to install the transducer on the object without unnecessary difficulties, thereby reducing the influence on measurement processes and providing better diagnostic of possible faults.

Currently we are conducting final test at the object.

Please note that if you need to select or develop special accessories that will take into account the specific features of your object, contact the specialists of SKB EP by phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 or e-mail to, choose the most suitable option or develop the product on individual order.

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