“Conversion templates” and “measuring templates”: helpers in diagnostic of high-voltage circuit breakers

“Conversion templates” and “measuring templates” are necessary in operations with HV circuit breakers PKV/M7 and PKV/U3. The instruments allows to work with HV circuit breakers of all types, requiring the installation of measuring transducers on the objects of different design. That is why specialists of SKB EP company are actively working on the development of special attachment devices, that allow to enlarge the application area of measuring transducers and therefore the PKV group instruments itself.

Both instruments are equipped with precise and easy to use transducers of increment (discrete) type DP12 and DP21 to measure the speed characteristics and travel parameters. While the linear transducer DP12 operation doesn’t cause any questions since all the results are outputted in millimeters, in case of angular movement transducer DP21 operation, which records the data in degrees, the next question arise: how can we get the understandable format of recorded data? This very feature was considered on the stage of including the transducer in the complete set of PKV instruments. For displaying data in generally accepted format the “conversion templates” of transmission shaft turn to linear travel of movable contacts were realized. More modern types of HV circuit breakers are appearing and requiring operations with detector DP21, so we don’t stand still and always develop new features to simplify the work of our clients.

Thus, specialists of SKB EP had recently visited the Irkutsk hydroelectric power station for new attachment device testing on 110 kv tank SF6 circuit breaker of HGF1012 type by Areva.

On this type of equipment most often the transducer DP21 is applied, meaning that the “conversion template” is demanded. It was formed on the base of early preparatory site visit and also required several tests.

The attachment device was successfully tested, the transducer was correctly established, and beforehand prepared “conversion template” allowed to get diagnostic results in understandable format.

Besides the “conversion template” there exists one more type: “measuring template”. Users often confuse these two concepts; therefore, we are telling about each separately.

The “measuring template” is a set of parameters and configurations for diagnostic of a particular object. Usually during the operations with circuit breaker these parameters are filled in before each measurement, but time can be saved, if you once create the “measuring template” to use it in further work.

The “measuring template” can be created by each user independently: directly on PKV/M7 or in PC software, which goes as a universal product for both PKV/M7 and PKV/U3.

The “conversion templates” are programming and creating on the base of manufacturer, so if you need a template of any type, feel free to contact us via +7 (812) 500-25-48 or e-mail skb@skbep.com.

We wish you successful tests and reliable diagnostic!

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