Results of training of Nyagan State District Power Station (Fortum, PJSC) specialists on working with PKV/U3.0

Specialists of SKB EP ensure the after-sales maintenance and always support clients, including special programs training (license on additional specialized education provision of services №4721). Due to removal of most of pandemic restrictions, holding special workshops on clients’ objects is possible again.

This year in June first individual educational seminar for Nyagan State District Power Station the branch of Fortum, PJSC specialists was held. Repair and high-voltage equipment specialists demanded a practical workshop for instructive teaching to work with PKV/U3.0 on SF6 circuit breakers ALSTOM DT2-550-F3 and HGF-1012 since there were questions on the exploitation of instrument in practice.

PKV/U3.0 is a universal instrument for monitoring of the technical state of oil-blast, vacuum, air-blast, SF6 and electromagnetic high-voltage circuit breakers of all voltage classes from 6 kV to 1150 kV. The instrument allows to measure the parameters of time, travel and speed of circuit breakers movable parts up to 20 breaks and also realize the control of time characteristics of isolators and short-circuiting switches.

During two days the technical specialist of SKB EP told in the details about instrument specific features of use, taking into account the peculiarities of particular circuit breakers and also supervised the independent work of Fortum, PJSC specialists in practice.

Today PKV/U3.0 is the only instrument in PKV group, which allows simultaneous control of main technical characteristics in three phases, which is especially convenient for high-voltage circuit breakers of ALSTOM DT2-550-F3 type, as it is a large object with three detached phases, and its phase maintenance can take a lot of time. Therefore, the students marked the possibility of retrofitting of their PKV/U3.0 with a pair of measuring transducers to provide a simultaneous and more prompt object diagnostic as a recommendation.

Speed graph / Shaft steering angle graph for operations O and C (ALSTOM DT2-550-F3)

The educational seminar was successful, the participants were trained for the first time in this format and marked its comprehensibility and availability and also the possibility to apply this knowledge immediately in practice under attentive mentorship of SKB EP manufacturer representative.

According to client needs and demands, the educational program may be adjusted taking into account your objects peculiarities.

If you are interested in organization of individual teaching to work with diagnostic instruments directly on your object too, contact SKB EP specialists on +7 (812) 500-25-48 or by email

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