Practical work of INRTU students with SKB EP instruments

SKB EP has been cooperating with Irkutsk National Research Technical University (INRTU) for a long time. A few years ago, the specialists of the SKB EP company prepared and introduced the training program for the Department of "Power Stations, Networks and Systems" special laboratory work with the diagnostic of the SF6 circuit breaker VGT-110 (ZETO), located at the training ground of the university.

Practical work has been successfully performed for several years and has evoked a lot of positive emotions from future energy specialists.

At the end of May, students of two courses from the Department of "Power Stations, Networks and Systems" successfully completed this practice. Under the guidance of the technical specialist of SKB EP, they independently assembled a manipulating rod, installed test cables clamps to the inputs of the circuit breaker, connected to the control circuit of the circuit breaker’s drive, and did its diagnostics.

Students used the PKV group’s flagship instrument for diagnostics of high-voltage circuit breakers – PKV/M7, and a modern micro-ohmmeter MIKO-21. With the help of the PKV/M7, the main parameters (time, speed, travel) of the VGT-110 circuit breaker were taken. The resistance of the main contacts was measured by using the MIKO-21.

The students successfully accomplished all the tasks; each one participated in working with the instruments himself. Future specialists were really interested in the diagnostic process and asked a lot of questions. Also they noted the convenience of working with SKB EP instruments and using a manipulating rod.

The company's specialists are happy to contribute to the development and training of future professionals in a complex, but interesting field: electrical energy industry. SKB EP is constantly striving to develop the diagnostic sphere in the electrical industry, not only in terms of manufacturing, but also in educational field.

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