Manipulating rod is a new instrument helping energy companies to reduce costs

Nowadays when every company is trying to reach a new level of profitability and minimize the costs, question of increasing efficiency is more than actual. This issue is especially applicable for small repair and mounting companies which often have a small amount of highly qualified personnel. The other question which is also very important is to make a correct choice of instruments for monitoring the electrical equipment parameters and diagnostic of its defective parts.

SKB EP has been developing and manufacturing testing instrument for high voltage circuit breakers and transformers control for more than 26 years and for this period more than 30 different models have been produced. When launching a new instrument we pay special attention to the additional complete set. We care about our customers who may order measuring cables or fixing mechanisms according to their needs from a wide range of our product list.

For example last year one of our targets was to develop and produce manipulating rod aimed for more convenient connecting of measuring cable clips to the inputs of high-voltage equipment up to 220 kV with height up to 5 m from the ground without using ladders and elevators.

Not every company may afford keeping hydraulic lift in the range of their maintenance equipment, especially if we mean small companies. This equipment is quite expensive, it needs regular service and additional testing of compliance for work in high-risk condition. In case a company uses their own lift, there should be a driver having special qualification to allow working at the grid with high voltage equipment. There should also be personnel to work in a cradle with permits to carry out work at height. In addition, there are many registration issues for this kind of work.

Using ladders for the mounting and repair work on the high-voltage object is considered a violation of operation and safety, except where it is not provided for by the design of high-voltage equipment.

Work with a manipulator rod at different high-voltage objects with instruments SKB EP

We have taken into account the above mentioned facts together with our experience to design manipulating rod which has to be save and meet the following requirements:

  • Electrical personnel certified not lower than group III on electrical safety, having not lower than secondary vocational education in electrical engineering is allowed to work with the instrument.
  • Use of manipulating rod is only allowed on the electrical equipment disconnected from the high voltage power supply.
  • When using manipulating rod it is important not to come close to the elements under the high voltage supply. It is vitally necessary to keep distance according to the "Rules on labor protection in the operation of electrical installations".

Manipulating rod consists of:

  • Insulation part: handle and rod parts that meet GOST 20494-2001 requirements "Insulating rods and operating rods of portable grounding. General specifications".
  • Operational part: insulation cable, grip and extension cable with crocodile clip with current and potential contacts. Extension cable ends with platform for measuring cable connecting clips.

Operational part: insulation cable, grip and extension cable with crocodile clip with current and potential contacts. Extension cable ends with platform for measuring cable connecting clips:

Full length of the rod, m
Weight of the instrument in working condition, kg
     Nominal voltage of  electric equipment, kV
2.2 3.4 35
3.7 4.0 110
5,1 4.6 up to 220

This new product is a universal additional accessory recommended to be added to complete set of all the SKB instruments.

In set with circuit breakers control instruments of PKV group manipulating rod is used to connect cables poles from the ground or tank cover to the circuit breakers conductors without using ladders or elevators.

Manipulating rod is recommended to be used together with micro ohmmeters and milli ohmmeter MIKO-21 and MIKO-2.3 for measuring cables connection from the ground or a tank cover to circuit breakers conductors and to other elements of HV disconnecting and grounding elements without using ladders or elevators.

If specialists use or plan to use mille ohmmeters MIKO-7 (MIKO-7M), MIKO-8M or MIKO-9, manipulating rod shall be essential accessory for measuring cables connection from power transformer tank up to 220 kV to HV winding elements without using ladders or elevators for measuring electric resistance and demagnetizing.

When working with OLTC control instruments of power transformers PKR-2 and PKR-2M specialists may use manipulating rod for connecting measuring cables to power transformer tank cover up to 220 without using ladders or elevators for receiving oscillograms and circular diagrams of contractor operation.

Manipulating rod is quite easy to operate, it doesn’t need any special maintenance service. It is only needed to make periodical observation of the rod and check if all elements are in proper condition. In case any element is damaged it may be easily replaced.

Manipulating rod is recommended to be stored and operated at a temperature range from -15 to + 40°C in the absence of impurities in the air, causing corrosion. Transportation of the instrument during operation to the place of work and back should be done in the case for the rod, as well as a bag for the rest of the elements.

Using the rod doesn’t cause any difficulties. It is important to follow the safety requirements and work according to the operating manual supplied together with the product.

In case you have questions about the instrument please address our managers by the phone: +7 (3952) 719-148 or email:

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