SKB EP, a Russian manufacturer, enters the world market!

Back in 2008, for the sustainable development of the Russian economy, the government developed the "Strategy 2020". Its key areas were recognized as support for import substitution and export of non-energy goods (1). While import substitution implies achieving independence from the global production system, orientation for export is aimed at shaking out foreign analogues from the world markets due to the higher competitive advantages of Russian products.

SKB EP LLC has been developing, manufacturing, and selling innovative, high-quality, and safe equipment for monitoring and diagnostics of electrical equipment for more than 28 years. This gives it every reason to successfully compete not only with Russian manufacturers, but also with well-known world brands.

The product range of SKB EP as of 2019 is represented by such models as:

Moreover, while developing the instruments, in addition to the above-mentioned innovative and patented characteristics, SKB EP takes into account the needs of both local users and the entire industry market, regardless of the territory. For example, the SKB EP equipment is tailored to work both in harsh Northern latitudes and in humid Southern latitudes (from -25°C to +55°C). But despite a fairly wide range of operating temperatures, the devices are guaranteed to perform measurements with minimal errors both in laboratories and under high noise conditions, while the high-precision MIKO-21 has the lowest measurement error among similar microhmmeters in the world (±0.05%).

Today, SKB EP instruments are successfully applied in power systems and electric grid companies, thermal power plants, hydropower plants and nuclear power plants, facilities for assembly and repair of power equipment, railways, aircraft construction and manufacturing, as well as other industrial companies and manufacturers of electrical equipment.

With such a wide range of applications, there are no limits to the geographical distribution of SKB EP devices, therefore many largest companies from the following regions opted for innovative Russian developments and have become our customers:

  • CIS countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Ukraine), 
  • European Union countries (Latvia, Lithuania), 
  • Asian countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia), 
  • South American countries (Ecuador). 

Export of goods to the CIS countries is more accessible and understandable. As for entering other markets, there are many issues, including promotion strategy, pricing policy, understanding of customer needs and international standards of interaction. Of course, there are many questions and various difficulties, but the answer is the same: if the product has high quality, unique functionality, and competitive price, it will find its customer:

At the beginning of this year, the first presentation and delivery of SKB EP equipment to the state energy company, which distributes electricity in 74 provinces of Thailand (Asia), took place. Employees of this company highly appreciated the efficiency, wide range of features, and appearance of the SKB EP equipment. The presentation included a comparative study of the MIKO-21 (SKB EP) and DLRO200 (Megger) with respect to such parameters as accuracy and speed of measurement, functionality and ergonomics, as well as weight and ease of operation. During the tests, our MIKO-21 won the victory!

Presentation of the MIKO-21 device in Thailand (Asia)

In May, SKB EP further expanded its borders and delivered a new MIKO-9A milliohmeter to a state-owned energy company in Ecuador (South America). Specialists of this company noted the versatility that "fits" in such a small instrument in terms of weight and size. This greatly facilitates transportation on site, and also reduces the total time of measurements by about 3 times.

Work with the MIKO-9A milliohmmeter by experts from Ecuador (South America)

A modern MIKO-21 microhmmeter was delivered to Indonesia (Asia) just over two months ago to a branch of the state electric power corporation, which produces most of the country's electricity, and also has a monopoly on electricity distribution in the country. Experts of the power company praised the portability, intuitive controls, and the presence of some specialized functions, such as automatic start of the measurement process upon circuit closing, the ability to create a template of the site passport, as well as automatic comparison of measured values with published data.

Indonesian experts get to know the MIKO-9A instrument

For export, it is very important to solve problems with the product quality at the preliminary stage, because this can impose certain costs, in addition, foreign buyers are much more demanding. For example, in Europe, there are stricter quality standards than we have, it is simply impossible to get there without the appropriate certification. Therefore, in the fall of 2018, the MIKO-21 high-precision microhmmeter manufactured by SKB EP passed a long-term certification without a single remark and received a Certificate of Compliance with the main safety requirements of the EU directives 2014/35/EU on low-voltage equipment and 2014/30/EU on electromagnetic compatibility. This once again confirms the high quality of the Russian development, but at the European level. This year, the same conformity tests were passed by the portable MIKO-10 microhmmeter and modern MIKO-9A, MIKO-8M(A) and MIKO-7M(A) milliohmmeters. From now on, every instrument specified above will be marked with the CE sign (Conformité Européenne — European Conformity).

The development of export potential is a strategically important area for the company, because it allows it to be one of the leaders among manufacturers in the CIS countries. With such advanced specifications and functions, and distinctive quality marks, SKB EP equipment will be able to win new markets. In addition, the production capacity makes it possible to meet the market demand, and the manufacturer already has enough strength to assert itself in the world.

If you want to learn more about the SKB EP instruments, please contact our managers by phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 or by e-mail

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