Lenenergo, PSJC employees studied SKB EP instruments

Employees of Lenenergo, PSJC attended an especial training on the use of SKB EP instruments. The training was held at the territory of Lenenergo, PJSC training center in Saint Petersburg, Russia in the middle of July.

At the first theoretical part of the training Lenenergo, PJSC specialists learned about the main faults that can be detected by the high-voltage circuit breaker analyzers of PVK group. SKB EP technical specialist also told about the main features of DC resistance measurements with MIKO group instruments. Our specialist represented as well PKR group instruments that enable to carry out in-place OLTC diagnostics.

The practical part of the training was conducted on a closed switchgear, as well as on a power transformer with an OLTC. With the help of one of the PKV group instruments SKB EP technical specialist explained how to run different measurement either directly from the instrument, or using the remote control on PC. Our specialist pointed out the features of installation and connection of the angular sensor DP21 that is designed to measure time and travel characteristics. As the measurements were successfully completed our specialist showed several methods to analyze the data obtained.

With the help of MIKO-21 microohmmeter specialists measured main contacts DC electrical resistance. One of the benefits of MIKO-21 is that the instrument has special potential remote contacts that allow to exclude the resistances of bolted connections.

DC winding resistance was measured by the MIKO-9(A) milliohmmeter. The use of this instruments on the power transformer impressed the employees of Lenenergo, PSJC with a wide resistance range (1 µΩ ÷ 30 kΩ), as well as with the possibility of simultaneous connection to three phases of the transformer and the measurement process with auto switch. This feature significantly saves time while the transformer state diagnostics.

If you are interested in SKB EP practical trainings, you can contact us by phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 or via e-mail: skb@skbpribor.com. Moreover, you can leave a request on the company's website. Our specialists would be glad to help you to choose a program appropriate for your purposes and requirements.

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