A new attachment device for installing DP21 transducer and a recalculation template for Alstom FKG2 HV circuit breaker

The manufacturing is developing, new equipment is constantly produced, manufacturers are modifying existing models, and therefore SKB EP does not stand still too. We continuously modify and improve the instruments and their components in order to increase effectiveness and work quality with our instruments.

In SKB EP you can order a cable or an attachment device specially for your equipment. SKB EP clients note the importance of optional accessories choice for their needs, because this ensures the ease of work on objects with various design features.

Despite the wide range of equipment for the user's choice, there is always an individual solution, that is especially true for attachment devices that help install movement transducers DP12 and DP21 of PKV instrument group for high-voltage circuit breakers.

High-voltage circuit breakers differ in many parameters from manufacturers to the voltage class and dimensions and each version assumes special design features for the transducers installation. PKV group instruments are equipped with a standard set of attachment devices for certain brands of objects, other devices are available for additional order or individual manufacture. During the recent tests of SF6 circuit breaker Alstom FKG2, a new special attachment device was implemented for DP21 measuring transducer installation.

Specialists have conducted successful tests that lead to the creation and testing of a "recalculation template", which is used in the software of PKV/M7 device for recalculation from "angular" parameters to "linear". The "recalculation template" will allow you to get diagnostic results in a numerical format that is easy to understand.

A set of special "recalculation templates" and "measurement templates" greatly simplifies the preparatory work, the diagnostic process and helps to reduce the test time.

It is important to focus on the terminology, as the "measurement template" is often confused with the "recalculation template":

  1. "Measurement template" is a set of parameters and settings for a specific object diagnostic. Usually, when working with a circuit breaker, these parameters are entered before every measurement, but you can save time if you create a "measurement template" once and use it for further work. The "measurement template" can be created by each user independently: directly in PKV/M7 instrument or in a PC software, which is a universal product for PKV/M7 and PKV/U3 instruments.

  2. The "recalculation template" is necessary to reflect the data in a common and understandable numerical format, it converts the "angular" parameters of the drive shaft rotation into a linear travel of the movable contacts. Such templates are programmed and created on the basis of the manufacturer, the work on their production does not stop, as new types of high-voltage circuit breakers appear requiring work with DP21 transducer.

If you need advice on the components choose or need to get a special "recalculation template", contact the specialists by phone +7 (901)671-08-10 or by e-mail: skb@skbep.com We are always glad to help!

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