Announcement of new developments at the Energy Conference in Kazan.

SKB EP company took part in the IV annual Energy Conference "Modern instruments and equipment for ETL and energy audit", organized by a reliable partner and dealer company SOYUZ-PRIBOR, LLC.

The event was attended by representatives of various organizations engaged in the high-voltage equipment maintenance, monitoring and setup and representatives of monitoring and diagnostic instruments manufacturers. The company SKB EP was invited among them.

The purpose of SKB EP participation was the presentation of new developments, modern solutions and advanced individual services.

During the presentation, a new PKV/M15 instrument for high-voltage circuit breakers diagnostic was shown. It has combined the best functions of PKV group predecessors in a new compact portable case. The instrument has already tested successfully, today a final work is conducted to upgrade the case for ergonomics increase.

Another presented development was a modern charger for MIKO-2.3, which received a conventional name power bank. Due to the usage of such device operating time of the instrument in the milli-ohmmeter mode has increased to 2.5 hours, and at least 400 measurements are carried out in the micro-ohmmeter mode.

Furthermore, all the features of a modern mobile application for milli-ohmmeters MIKO-9A, MIKO-8M(A) and MIKO-7M(A) were announced by SKB EP`s representative. It is used for measurement results processing and transmitting.

We thank our partner and dealer, SOYUZ-PRIBOR, LLC, for the excellent organization of the event and the opportunity to personally share the news and new developments of SKB EP, LLC.

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