Demonstration of HV circuit breaker control instruments for GRID ENERGO, LLC specialists

Recently, GRID ENERGO, LLC representatives, who work with high-voltage circuit breakers with an operating voltage of 500 kV, contacted SKB EP in order to get demonstration of PKV group instruments. Circuit breakers of this voltage class have 2 arc-extinguishing chambers for each phase, so the specialists were interested in characteristics and features of the instruments operation when working with such equipment.

During the comparative presentation, the work of PKV/M7 and PKV/U3 circuit breaker analyzers was presented on circuit breaker of VBCH-10 type. The construction of two breaks to the pole was simulated on this circuit breaker. The most interesting for SKB EP guests was PKV/U3.0 instrument, since its characteristics provide the most convenient operation considering their facility.

PKV/U3 is implemented in two modifications (PKV/U3.1 and PKV/U3.0) that enable control of time, travel and speed parameters of all types of high-voltage circuit breakers up to 20 breaks. The instruments also provide time parameters control of isolators and short-circuiting switches. Additionally, PKV/U3 allows to register instant values of currents and voltages of control electromagnets.

The instrument feature, in addition to its versatility, is a possibility to connect PKV/U3 to a personal computer (PC), that allows to operate the instrument remotely, as well as to receive and analyze detailed data. The measurement results are presented in the form of a table with measured and calculated data for each cycle. The more detailed information on the status of the circuit breaker can be extracted from the recorded graphs with the use of special software.

A lot of specialists choose PKV/U3.0 due to the possibility of time, travel and speed parameters control simultaneously at three poles. What is more, the instrument allows to conduct air-blasted circuit breakers diagnostic, that are tend to be changed to modern SF6 circuit breaker, but still exist and require diagnostic as well.

If you need any help with choice of the most suitable device for your facility, please, contact SKB EP specialists via +7 (812) 500-25-48 or via e-mail:

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