The further, the more! We are summing up the 2023 year

This year was an impetus for the realization of new projects. The company has achieved a lot despite all the difficulties and obstacles!

We presented the company and products at 11 events all over Russia, which is a record number for the whole exhibition activity of the company! In addition, at one of the exhibitions-forums "GOSZAKAZ" SKB EP company was awarded the title "The best supplier of non-food products in 2023".

We took part in 7 exhibitions and business missions abroad in Thailand, Morocco, China, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Belarus. SКB EP official partners in the Asian market have achieved considerable success – large deliveries of MIKO-10 micro-ohmmeters to China and Thailand have been made.

We opened a new market – now SKB EP instruments are used in South Korea! Besides, active work with potential partners from Ghana, Algeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Cambodia, Egypt and India was carried out.

SKB EP engineers have done a lot of work on modernization of current instruments and components, as well as completed all primary stages for the release of new developments:

  • Modernized contact probes set for PKR-2 and PKR-2M. The new set became more easy to use, functional and ergonomic.
  • We have developed and successfully tested a new device for SF6 circuit breakers, which we will announce soon.
  • Started development and "packing" in the case of a new milli-ohmmeter with extended technical parameters.
  • Revised the functionality and defined the design of a new device for monitoring and diagnostics of high-voltage circuit breakers.

Training in SKB EP programs gained momentum! For 2023, teachers had 3 offline courses and 11 training events in other formats, 1 practice for technical university students, and 13 online webinars.

To ensure that you always have access to materials and news at hand and in a convenient format, we are actively runs our LinkedIn page and developing an international YouTube channel.

The company has achieved a lot and has outlined new projects and tasks for 2024!

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